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Coaching and Training with Empathy

I had always struggled with weight and fitness, even playing sports as a young person I was overweight. High school brought weight loss number 1, which primed my confidence to shine in college, which came at the expense of my physical and emotional health. At 26 and newly out as bisexual, I took what I had learned from high school and lost 85 pounds. That confidence had returned and with it the desire to help others in a direct and personal way, which led me to personal training.

With one-on-one coaching we will take your wholly unique person and develop a plan that fits your goals, schedule, and lifestyle to help you feel the best you can. There will be difficulties, there will be struggles, but I will be there for you.

In my classes I take the same approach, we will find what works best for you in the context of the class and we will create a room that uplifts each person there.

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Health at any size, wellness for all people

The health, wellness, and fitness industries are aimed primarily at affluent, white, cis bodies with cookie-cutter goals of weight loss and/or "toned" muscles. They promote restrictive diets and expensive supplementation. I strive to promote your healthiest self, body and mind. Eating foods you enjoy, eating foods that fuel your body and your happiness, moving your body in safe and fun ways we will achieve whatever your goal is and hopefully have a good time. Make your daily life your best, long life.

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Let's Find Your New Self Together

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Monthly check-ins, workout plans, and unlimited messaging. Email or message for pricing and details

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